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Research and Risks

In last week's column about nanotechnology, biotechnology, and other advanced technologies, I wrote, "Trying to stand still might well prove the most dangerous course of action." This may seem surprising. But experience suggests that it's true. For an academic proj Read More

Unfogging the Future

Sometimes the federal government does something right. And I have proof. The proof is in this report on future technologies, now available in a pre-publication PDF version. (Warning: huge PDF file; broadband connection, or great patience, recommended.) The report, Read More

Private Parts

My earlier column on the benefits of cyborgization led to a thoughtful letter from blogger Susanna Cornett. Cornett wrote that she was fine with the idea of an implantable "body computer" that would keep her healthy, but worried about who... Read More

Improves Lives

I went scuba diving last week, in the Cayman Islands. Like most divers, I use a dive computer that tracks how long I remain at various depths and pressures, and then use that to calculate how much nitrogen is dissolved... Read More

E.T., Phone Glenn

Searching for extraterrestrial intelligence is a popular sport. It's even one that can be played at home -- and is, by millions of total users. Radio telescopes listen across the sky, while computers, big and small, process the results in... Read More

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