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Sustainability with Style

Just like the congregants at the Johannesburg summit, I'm all for sustainability and also for bioregionalism, the notion that we should draw most of our sustenance from the region in which we live. Of course, what I want to sustain... Read More

The King of Anti-Fascism

The 25th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death has passed, and news reports have stressed his continuing influence on music, culture, and race relations. But those reports have missed Elvis's greatest achievement: as a cultural immune response to totalitarianism. El Read More

British History Lessons

The trouble with lessons from history is that they often involve little actual history. Sometimes, as with discredited Emory University historian Michael Bellesiles, whose book Arming America turns out to rest in no small part on documents that don't exist,... Read More

Privatizing the Cyberwar

It is no secret that Al Qaeda and other Islamic terror groups make extensive use of the web. Some websites provide coded messages, in the same fashion that radio stations used to broadcast coded messages for spies in enemy territory.... Read More

Tipping Their Hand

For years now, I've been saying that the record industry's long-term legislative strategy had less to do with preventing copying than with sewing up the market to ensure that Big Entertainment companies won't have to worry about competition from independent... Read More

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