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A Pack, Not a Herd

So the snipers that paralyzed and terrorized the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area are caught now. But it's worth thinking about how they were caught. After repeatedly slipping through the fingers of law enforcement, John Muhammad and Lee Salvo were caught... Read More

Who Can't Handle the Truth?

Terrorists practice what's called "asymmetric warfare," in which a force takes advantage of its opponents' peculiar weaknesses in order to achieve an advantage even where the opponent would seem to have the edge. Terrorists do this by using the openness... Read More

Symbiotic Media

It recently came out that the New York Times had more readers for its web edition than for its print edition. This produces both good news and bad news. The good news is that the web readers don't seem to... Read More

The Way Things (Don't) Work

I like stuff. Hardware, software, electronics, firearms, whatever. If it does something, I tend to like it. Unfortunately, I often get the feeling that the people who design things never actually use them. I get that feeling because so many... Read More

Fraudulent Witch-Hunts

Research fraud is in the news again. At Bell Labs, researcher Hendrik Schon has been fired for allegedly faking data in numerous research papers, many of which were published in highly prestigious scientific journals. At Emory University, historian Michael Bellesil Read More

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