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Falling Prey to Science Fiction

Michael Crichton's new novel, Prey, revolves around nanotechnology. As is typical with Crichton's work, it's a cautionary tale in which a badly planned technological development gets out of control. This has produced some mild criticism, along the lines of Janet... Read More

Tiny Troubles

Editor's note: An excerpt from a new paper on nanotechnology. Some might suggest regulating research in nanotechnology because it may lead to knowledge that they would rather not have, as Bill Joy argues. Such regulation is unlikely to succeed, not... Read More

True National Defense

My earlier columns on citizen defense against terrorism, A Pack, Not a Herd, and American Dunkirk, have led to requests that I write on what, specifically, individual citizens can do to prepare for a role in responding to, and preventing,... Read More

'American Dunkirk'

Two weeks ago I wrote about the need to adopt a broader approach to antiterrorism, one that would help the citizenry function as (in Jim Henley's words) "a pack, not a herd." This week I'm going to say a little... Read More

Paper Ballots

As I write this, the voting hasn't even started. But I've already gotten an email telling me that there are dozens of lawyers waiting to file legal challenges to elections in my state, and I'm sure that the same is... Read More

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