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Looking Ahead

As we pass from 2002 into 2003, the new millennium doesn't look especially bright. With smallpox once thought eradicated, we're now talking about mass smallpox vaccinations. Terrorists are clearly anxious to acquire weapons of mass destruction of pretty much any... Read More

Year of the Blog

2001 was the year that weblogs burst into the national consciousness in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. But 2002 was the year in which weblogs became part of the mainstream, even while remaining outside it. And 2003 -... Read More

Smallpox Martyrs, American Style

The Bush Administration is going ahead with a massive smallpox vaccination campaign - a radical step, given that smallpox was officially eradicated decades ago. President Bush will even receive the vaccine, a step probably meant as much as a response... Read More

Media Feudalism Under Siege

One of the reasons that feudalism thrived during the Middle Ages is that it was expensive to be a knight. The cost of a horse and armor exceeded what most peasants made in several years. Add to that the extensive... Read More

Gore Gets OutFOXed

Al Gore got a lot of grief for his comments about the media in a recent New York Observer interview. But while it may be hard for most people to believe that the media are tools of a Vast Right-Wing... Read More

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