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Registration Required

Editor and Publisher reports that readers don't mind registering for websites, and predicts that a lot more media sites will start demanding registration: Well, as it turns out, the bogeyman - like Bigfoot - should no longer be feared. It's... Read More

Destination: Mars

Recent reports from the Los Angeles Times and indicate that President Bush may announce a spectacular new Mars initiative, aimed at putting humans on Mars by 2010. Having been through this with a previous President Bush, who announced... Read More

Are You Paying Attention?

Last week's column about time, scarcities, and the Internet produced some interesting reader email - enough to generate a whole new column, as a matter of fact. First, reader Yuval Levin wrote: Could it be that the way to... Read More

The Cyberspace Commons?

Last weekend was the Association of American Law Schools conference in Washington, and I wound up speaking on creating a commons in cyberspace. This didn't work out very well: the panel was organized by the Communitarian Network, an organization... Read More

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