Glenn Harlan Reynolds: February 2003 Archives

Guerrilla Media

One of the interesting things about this war is that - presumably because people feel that "mainstream" media aren't talking about the things they think are important - ordinary Americans have gone out of their way to express themselves. In... Read More

Ignorance or Bliss?

Geoffrey Sommer of the Rand Corporation thinks that ignorance might be bliss, at least in one narrow set of circumstances: In certain circumstances, nothing could be done to avoid such a collision and ensuing destruction, and it would be... Read More

A Pack, Not a Herd (Again)

The loss of Columbia has raised a lot of interesting questions about the future of human spaceflight, and I'm gratified to see that even folks who are often dense about the subject, like the editors of the New York... Read More

Securing the Future

The bodies have been found, and the Columbia disaster is now out of the initial phase. NASA has done a good job getting off the mark, with Homeland Security and local law-enforcement officials activated within minutes, and an independent... Read More

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