Glenn Harlan Reynolds: March 2003 Archives

Losing the War on the Air

Despite all their vaunted technology, and months of prewar planning, they've looked disorganized and unimpressive since the actual fighting started. They seem bewildered, behind the curve, and slow to respond to unanticipated developments, too smug about their supe Read More

New Class Challenged

It seems that everybody is dissing the BBC these days. Andrew Sullivan has been calling it the "Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation" for months. Now others are joining in. James Lileks writes: It's interesting, listening to these guys - I'm unsure... Read More

Fly High with Wi-Fi?

As I write this, I'm somewhere over New Mexico, at an altitude of about 37,000 feet. What's frustrating is that I won't be able to send it in until I land. I've written before about the likelihood that wireless Internet... Read More

Got to Admit,
It's Getting Better

To the amusement of computer users everywhere, bar owner George Doughty shot up his laptop and hung it on the wall as a trophy. It seems that it had been giving him problems. Police were understanding, according to this... Read More

Faux-rilla Media

"Soda pop! Soda pop! Everybody wants to make it to the top!" wrote John Fogerty in a song about the commercialization of rock music at the hands of Pepsi. (I think that Michael Jackson was involved.) Now it's happening again,... Read More

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