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Ethics Must Play Catch Up

After criticizing modern architecture and genetically modified foods, Prince Charles has now weighed in on nanotechnology: The Prince is said to fear a worst case scenario in which nanotechnology spin-offs would annihilate life on earth. It is claimed that... Read More

Truth Will Set You Free

Last week, I wrote about the advantage that the United States possessed over Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and still possesses over just about all of its potential foes: an advantage bred of openness, individual initiative, and broad access to knowledge.... Read More

Killer Lies

The more you know in warfare, the less you have to do. The best example of that comes from the use in this war of so-called "concrete bombs" - bombs that are, literally, bomb-shaped lumps of concrete with laser guidance,... Read More

New Class Crackup

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that a lot of people seemed to be pretty unhappy with the BBC's coverage of the war, and I linked the BBC's attitudes - odd, I thought, for the national network of... Read More

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