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The Stronger Horse

The weather in Knoxville wasn't very good on Memorial Day weekend, which means that I spent part of it cleaning house. Most of what we threw away was just junk (unless you're a big fan of Barbie paraphernalia that's seen... Read More

Open and Shut

Federal Communications Commission chair Michael Powell isn't worried about media concentration. He thinks that growing competition from satellite broadcasters, the Internet, and other New Media will serve as a check on the power of concentrated Old Media. There's Read More

A Religious Experience

Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry Jr. is working on a documentary about the effect of Star Trek on popular culture. (I've written about that here and here.) It looks as if he's got more grist for his mill, with this story:... Read More

Visions of the Nanofuture

As I promised last week, I attended the Foresight Institute's "vision weekend" relating to nanotechnology, and I have a report. (If you don't know much about nanotechnology, read this for some general background.) The good news is that interest... Read More

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