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Outsourcing and Elections

It's no secret that more and more technology jobs are being outsourced to Third World countries where salaries, and other costs, are lower. And, as Hiawatha Bray reports in The Boston Globe, it's starting to generate some pushback: For years... Read More

The Good, The Bad, and the Blogly

Well, after that opening pun I suppose there's nowhere to go but up. . . . Anyway, the editors at TCS thought it might be a good idea if I wrote a bit on the difference between good weblogs and... Read More

More Horizontal Knowledge

Well, the Editor and Managing Editor of The New York Times have resigned under fire, and a lot of people are saying that the Internet had a lot to do with it. As I wrote last week, the spread... Read More

Horizontal Knowledge

People used to be ignorant. It was hard to learn things. You had to go to libraries, look things up, perhaps sit and wait while a book was fetched from storage, or recalled from another user, or borrowed from a... Read More

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