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Working With the System

We worry about terrorists, and rightly. But even without terrorists, things go wrong. SARS brought a major chunk of the global economy, and global transport network to a halt. The Great Blackout left 50 million without power for reasons... Read More

Look and Feel

Looks matter.  Everyone who has ever dated knows that.  Of course with people, as a large cautionary body of literature and country music makes plain, other qualities may come to the fore:  a pretty smile can famously hide a... Read More

Terrorism and Disease

A while back, I wrote about the importance of learning faster in the context of fighting terrorism. But it's just as important to learn quickly when it comes to dealing with an older and more deadly enemy of humanity:... Read More

More Than Human?

My four-year-old nephew wants to be a superhero. It was Superman for a while, then Spiderman. (A brief interlude of enthusiasm for being The Incredible Hulk didn't survive the lameness of the film, apparently.)   Most of us outgrow... Read More

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