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More Scenes From a Mall

Last week's column on Build-a-Bear and the mall experience got me to thinking about malls and their role in modern American society. My sense is that it's a subject that's not getting enough attention.   A couple of years back,... Read More

Build-a-Bear Basics

My daughter had her birthday recently, and during her party I experienced what I'll call a Virginia Postrel moment. The party was at Build-a-Bear, a place that I thought was sure to go out of business when it first... Read More

Cottage Industry and Societal Change

Last week, I wrote about the way changes in technology are sparking a return to "cottage industry," with all sorts of work that used to be done in offices returning to people's homes -- the traditional place for most... Read More

Cottage Industry

The Industrial Revolution, we're often told, started back when cottage industry was replaced by factories.  The results were widespread, ramifying throughout society.  Before the Industrial Revolution, artisans worked in or alongside their homes, often w Read More

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