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Robot Rights

"Robots are people, too! Or at least they will be, someday." That's the rallying cry of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Robots, and it's beginning to become a genuine issue.   We are, at present, a... Read More


A lot of folks around the blogosphere got angry at the New York Times' John Markoff for comments he made in this interview in the Online Journalism Review, in which he likened weblogs to CB Radio in the 1970s.  ... Read More

China's New Frontier

China has announced that it plans a manned space launch this week, and it's already revving up the propaganda machine to take advantage of the event. The theme - and particularly the subtext -- is that China is now a... Read More

The Source of the Modern World

Last week's column inspired by Neal Stephenson's new novel, Quicksilver, produced an email from Stephenson's publisher, which led to me chatting with him on the telephone. The result was the following interview, done by cellphone as both of us traveled... Read More

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