Glenn Harlan Reynolds: November 2003 Archives

Give Thanks for Small Victories

Last week Congress passed nanotechnology legislation that President Bush is expected to sign shortly (you can see a copy of the bill here). It's a victory for people who favor the responsible development of molecular nanotechnology. But it's a small... Read More

Death of a Friend

I'm losing a friend, and it's time to say goodbye. The friend is, the online music distribution site. Although it had a market capitalization of a billion dollars when it went public just four years ago, it will be... Read More

Kent Brockman on Unemployment

A while back, I wrote a column here arguing that outsourcing was likely to become an issue in the 2004 Presidential elections. And it looks as if I was right. Senator and Presidential candidate John Edwards, fresh from the rock-the-vote... Read More

Loving Monsters

NPR science reporter David Baron has a new book out, called The Beast in the Garden: A Modern Parable of Man and Nature. Baron's book is about the return of cougars to the Boulder, Colorado area after decades of hunting-induced... Read More

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