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Almost Free

We've been cleaning up and throwing things away at my house, and it seems that every week for the past couple of months we've deposited a pile of trash roughly the size of a Volkswagen Beetle alongside the curb.... Read More

Entering the Nano-Age?

Last week, I wrote about the EPA Science Advisory Board meeting where nanotechnology was discussed. I learned a lot of interesting things there, but one of the things that I learned is that, even for people like me who... Read More

From Nemo to Nano

Last week I traveled up to Washington for the day to attend a meeting of the Environmental Protection Agency's Science Advisory Board. I was there to take part in a panel on nanotechnology regulation, which I'll say more about... Read More

Is the Empire Striking Back?

There's a summit on Internet governance going on in Geneva this week. Reader Micael O'Ronain is worried, and emails: Control of the Internet is going to become an extremely critical issue over the next few years. The tyrants and... Read More

Robot Nation?

A couple of columns ago, I wrote a piece called Kent Brockman on Unemployment, describing the impact of robots and automation on employment. In the comments section, someone posted a link to some things that the writer and founder of HowStuffWorks... Read More

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