Glenn Harlan Reynolds: January 2004 Archives

A Tale of Two Nanotechs

It's the best of times for nanotechnology. Or is it the worst of times? There's evidence in both directions. On the upside, nanotechnology is becoming real, with increasing numbers of applications and breakthroughs. Even a dedicated observer of the... Read More

Unforgettable, That's What You Are...

One of the big geek-news stories of last week was the release of LaCie's new 1 Terabyte external firewire hard drive. And it's easy to see why - a terabyte of storage in a package smaller than a cigar... Read More

Cowboys on Mars?

This week, President Bush is expected to lay out a plan to send humans back to the Moon, and to Mars. Those are goals I favor, as I've written before - see this column, or this column, or, for... Read More

What's Wrong With Income Inequality?

We've been hearing a lot lately about growing income inequality in the United States. There's a good deal of disagreement about the facts on the ground: A lot of people are invoking Gregg Easterbrook's assertion that American income inequality... Read More

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