Glenn Harlan Reynolds: February 2004 Archives

The Knead for New Jobs

Will we all become massage therapists? That was the question asked by some in response to a column I wrote a while back, entitled Kent Brockman on Unemployment, that looked at automation, offshore outsourcing, and other trends in the... Read More

Blogging: The Next Wave

People are always asking me how to be a blogging bigshot, and/or what will be the Next Big Thing in blogging. I don't claim to have any very special expertise in that area, but I do have some thoughts.... Read More

Keeping Up "The Weird Fight"

I'm worried about the future of nanotechnology. Worried enough, in fact, that where just a few weeks ago I was wondering if I should invest in the field, now I'm relieved that I don't own any nanotechnology stocks. This... Read More

The Nano-Ostrich Approach Doesn't Work

Ostriches don't really bury their heads in the sand when confronted with danger. People, however, sometimes do. Certainly that seems to be what's happening with the nanotechnology industry. Last week, I wrote about prospects for nanotechnology, and in particular.. Read More

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