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Good Drugs

Though the subject has receded from the forefront of public debate for the moment, prescription drug prices remain a likely political issue in the 2004 campaign. I'm not entirely sure what to do about it, although I strongly suspect... Read More

The Greatest Picture Show on Earth

I've written a lot about digital photography lately. (Here's last week's column on its role in enabling "flash media," and you can see blog posts here, here, and here). But there's more to photography than photojournalism, and one thing... Read More

Flash Media

This column is about flash media. No, not the memory cards that go into digital cameras, MP3 players, and so on. But "flash media" in the sense of "flash mobs" -- media coverage that appears very rapidly, is largely self-organized,... Read More

Preparing for the Worst

Quite some time ago, I wrote about scientists' questions on whether to deliver bad news. The news in question had to do with a potential life-ending asteroid strike. Perhaps, I suggested, it might be best not to deliver that... Read More

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