Glenn Harlan Reynolds: April 2004 Archives

Beyond the Nano-Hype

It's big nanotechnology news: Nanosys has announced the industry's first Initial Public Offering. As the trade publication Small Times reports, this is the first genuine nanotechnology IPO: Forget the 1997 debut of Nanophase Technologies Corp. (Nasdaq: NANX, News, Read More

Bypassing - or Becoming - the Media?

The NRA isn't happy. Most Big Media outfits are strongly anti-gun, and they tend to exaggerate bad news relating to guns (like their use by criminals) and to ignore the good news about honest people using guns to defend... Read More

Private Space: Blazing a Trail?

Fans of space tourism, and commercial space flight in general, were very excited at reports that Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites had been issued the first license for a manned suborbital rocket flight. There's been talk of such things for... Read More

Nanotechnology and Damage

As regular readers of this column know, I've been rather critical of the nanotechnology industry's recent public relations strategies. In short -- scared that advanced nanotechnology might spook the public with fears of Michael Crichtonesque scenarios of death and Read More

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