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Expiration Date

This will be the last in my series of columns on aging and longevity research. I've spent so many pixels on it because I think the topic is about to take off in importance, both in terms of progress... Read More

Death Be Not Proud

A few years ago, promised cures for baldness, impotence, and old age shared a common image as fraudulent and vaguely pathetic, the illusory straws grasped at by the desperate and gullible. Now, with Rogaine and Viagra offering relief to... Read More

Live Long -- and Prosper?

Last week, I wrote about research to extend human lives, and about some people's objections to that sort of research. I want to continue that topic, in a slightly different vein, this week. Though some enthusiasts talk about conquering... Read More

How Long Should People Live?

How long should people live? Randall Parker's FuturePundit blog has an interesting post and discussion on aging research. The discussion revolves around an argument by Cambridge University's Aubrey de Grey that political reluctance is a major barrier to research.. Read More

Would You Mind?

Lots of people are worried about where neuroscience might be taking us. And such worries, as I've written here before (and, in a way, here, too), are not necessarily unfounded. Being able to manipulate brains offers substantial possibilities for... Read More

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