Glenn Harlan Reynolds: July 2004 Archives

Porn and Violence: Good for America's Children?

Last week, I responded to James Glassman's observation that American teenagers are doing better than they've done in decades by trying to figure out why that might be. Teen pregnancy is down, along with teen crime, drug use, and... Read More

Why Are the Kids Alright?

Last week, Jim Glassman wrote that the younger generation is doing quite well: "Young people have become aggressively normal. Violence, drug use and teen sex have declined. Kids are becoming more conservative politically and socially. They want to get... Read More

Neglecting Public Health

This month's Harper's Magazine includes a cover story on the decline of the public health system, by Dr. Ronald J. Glasser. Glasser lays out a number of ways in which the global public health system isn't up to the... Read More

Political Games

Legislators around the country are trying to ban violent videogames as immoral. According to this AP report in Wired News: "Pediatricians and psychologists have been warning us that violent video games are harmful to children," said Mary Lou Dickerson,... Read More

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