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A Media Meltdown?

Though it's looking less likely than it was a few weeks ago, John Kerry could still pull off a win in this presidential election. But there's already one clear loser: the so-called "mainstream media" of network television and major... Read More

Serious Disaster Preparedness

Last week's column on disaster preparedness was entitled Preparing for the Worst. A few readers objected that the title was wrong. I wrote about preparing for things like terrorist attacks or hurricanes, but those, some noted, aren't really the... Read More

Preparing for the Worst

Hurricane Charley has struck, and at least at this writing, it appears that an earlier warning of mine has turned out to be wrong. A few months ago, I wrote here: Had a worrisome conversation the other day with... Read More

Registration Still Required

Pardon me while I engage in an Andy Rooney-esque rant, but I'm deeply unhappy. Over a year ago, I noted the growing tendency of newspaper websites to require registration, and offered some suggestions on how they might avoid irritating... Read More

NanoDynamism vs. NanoTimidity

Nanotechnology is likely to be as important in the twenty-first century as rocketry, or nuclear physics, were in the twentieth. The United States has a fairly competent nanotechnology research program, though many feel its efforts are misdirected. Europe has... Read More

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