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The Human-Digital Touch

Last year at about this time, I mourned the demise of, which had for several years been my chief source of new and interesting music. As a musician myself, I used their hosting services, and made a bit... Read More

Weaponizing Space and the Legacy of the Cold War

Last month I wrote about the prospects for the militarization of Outer Space in light of recent statements and papers from the Air Force. I wasn't the only one to think about this. But unfortunately, much of the discussion... Read More

Politics and the Web

With the election over, some people are starting to question whether the Web had an impact. Ed Cone writes: "From the Register of Deeds race in Guilford County, N.C., where victorious challenger Jeff Thigpen used a Weblog to tell... Read More

Elections and the New Media

It was a make-or-break election for the Old Media. And they broke. Back in January, I noticed a sudden shift in tone on the part of many news outlets -- from vague anti-Bush bias to very intense anti-Bush bias... Read More

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