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Catastrophes and Their Cures

A killer asteroid is on the way. Or maybe not. As I write this column, Asteroid 2004 MN is projected to have a roughly 1-in-42.5 chance of striking the Earth. By the time you read this, the odds number... Read More

A Good Year for Free Speech?

To listen to some people talk, 1984 came 20 years late. But despite all the talk of "crushing of dissent," I'd argue that, in many ways, free speech made great strides in 2004, and that the people who have... Read More

The Engineers Who Saved Christmas

Another Hollywood storyline died this week. And good riddance. You're sure to know the plot, which has appeared in countless lame movies and sitcom episodes: Dad (it's always Dad) struggles though crowds and horror in a desperate quest to... Read More

Bringing the Public Back to Public Spaces

Almost three years ago, I wrote about something I called the comfy-chair revolution, in which businesses seemed to be working harder to make their public spaces friendly to what would, in an earlier age, have been seen as loiterers.... Read More

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