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China Targets Space

China's space program is, according to news reports, getting more ambitious: "Two Chinese astronauts may be orbiting Earth as early as September, this time spending five days aloft in the nation's second manned venture into outer space, China's space... Read More

Wi-Fi Side-By-Side

I love Wi-Fi.  And I've written -- as long ago as three years, and as recently as last month -- about the way technologies like Wi-Fi are leading to the reconfiguring, and repopulation, of public spaces.  Here's the latest example,... Read More

Trust -- But Verify

On Morcheeba's Who Can You Trust? Skye Edwards sings: "Sometimes I get up feelin' good, but greed gets me down." Some people are singing that about the media world now, too, and the question of who to trust is always... Read More

Disasters and Distributed Responses

The good news is that the asteroid I mentioned in last week's column isn't going to hit the Earth. The bad news is that the impact of the Indian Ocean earthquake/tsunami turns out to be far worse than it appeared... Read More

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