Glenn Harlan Reynolds: March 2005 Archives

Looking Forward to Prize Fights

I have two cool things to report. One is that space elevators and power-beaming are coming. The other is the way that they're coming. First, the announcement. Alan Boyle reports:         "Borrowing a page from the playbook fo Read More

A New Captain for the Titanic?

President Bush has selected a new NASA Administrator, naming physicist Mike Griffin to the post. The appointment is widely, and rightly, seen as evidence that Bush really is committed to his stated goal of expanding human exploration of space, as... Read More

Felonious Funk

Last week, Doug Kern wrote about efforts to restore voting rights to felons. Kern made a good case that what a lot of these efforts are really about is making felonies look a lot more like misdemeanors, by reducing the... Read More

Washed Away By the Preference Cascade?

Three years ago, I looked at the phenomenon of "preference cascades" -- in which people who have been obliged to conceal their true beliefs by social pressure or sheer force suddenly discover that a lot of other people feel the... Read More

Just What the Doctor Ordered?

In last week's column, I mentioned that I now have a bionic wife, courtesy of an implantable cardioverter/defibrillator device. She's now recovering nicely, but the experience has left me with a few thoughts on health-care delivery. The technology seems pretty... Read More

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