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A Media Tipping Point?

Over three years ago, I wrote: Big journalism is in trouble, and big journalists don't like it. . . .   Annoyance to journalists is the least of this, because what is really going on is something much more profound:... Read More

Top Down and Bottom Up

As I write this, I'm in the back seat of a car heading down Interstate 81, accessing the Web via the Verizon EVDO card in my laptop. (And pretty zippily, too -- I'm getting around 150kbps even though I'm in... Read More

Religioso, Ma Non Troppo

Are we in the midst of a religious revival that will change the face of America, and the world? Some people on the Right hope so, while many people on the Left fear so. I suspect, however, that the trend... Read More

Living and Dying In These Modern Times

Terri Schiavo is dead and so is John Paul II. And one effect has been to get us talking about the whens and hows of dying. It seems that some people are against dying at all; or at least... Read More

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