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Product Designers with a Clue

I've written in the past about two problems: bad product design, and the tendency of companies to change user interfaces for no particular reason, leading to a phenomenon that I call "version fatigue" which sets in when you just can't... Read More


A few weeks ago, I suggested that we might have reached a tipping point, after which the influence of Big Media would rapidly decline. "Big deal," you may have thought. "Techno-avant-garde types like Reynolds are always waving their hands and... Read More

Are Blogs Busting Loose?

Last weekend I attended the BlogNashville blogger conference, held at Belmont University in Nashville.  It was the third conference of that sort I had attended, and it underscored the way blogs, and blogging, are changing. In 2002, I went to... Read More

The Unbearable Rightness of Nick Denton

A couple of years ago, Nick Denton, inspired by Howell Raines' problems at the New York Times, warned that the power of the blogosphere might have anarchic consequences:         "In the turmoil at the Times, there's a broader Read More

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