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"Everything Here Is First-Person"

In last week's column, I mentioned independent journalist Michael Yon, a Special Forces alumnus who's now traveling around Iraq far more independently than most journalists, and reporting on things we're not hearing from The New York Times. You should check... Read More

Guerrilla Media Troubling Guerrillas

I've written in the past about the future of guerrilla media, as a means of supplementing -- and where necessary, bypassing -- the traditional media. And it just keeps happening, in bigger and more involved ways. There's been lots of... Read More

Panopticons, Old and New

One lesson taught by the London bombings is that security cameras don't seem to help much. As Noah Shachtman of Defense Tech notes: Londoners are seen on the city's vast amalgam of surveillance cameras an average of 300 times a... Read More

Aging Is Getting Old

People have been getting older since the beginning of time. Some people have always been tired of it, but there seem to be more and more people who want to do something about it. At the moment, though, there's more... Read More

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