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Space Elevator: Stuck Between Floors

Last week I mentioned the growing promise of space elevator technology, and I've noticed that interest in the subject continues to grow. (Here's a roundup on developments from National Geographic. And the Times of London even reports that Google has... Read More

Space Program: Looking Up

I've written here in the past about NASA's work on space elevators, and on the new leaner, meaner, prize-oriented approach favored by NASA Administrator Mike Griffin. Now there are some signs of real progress on a number of fronts. As... Read More

Podcasting and the New Media

In the past, I've written here about, and its sort-of successor,, in terms of their influence on the future of music. But, increasingly, we're seeing that there's more than music to the equation. I talked recently with GarageBand's... Read More

Cottage Industry and Science Fiction

A while back I mentioned Steve Stirling's novel Dies the Fire, in which people's grasp of out-of-date technology turns out to be vital to civilization's survival as pretty much everything modern mysteriously stops working. He's got a sequel coming out,... Read More

Is Small the New Big?

Blogger Jeff Jarvis writes: "Last month, I wrote that small is the new big. More demonstration of it: eBay is fast becoming one of the largest employers in America. Of course, it hardly employs anyone, but it enables a lot... Read More

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