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The Video Future Approacheth

Congress, as usual, is behind the times. The molasses-like transition to high-definition TV continues in its glacial pace, but Congress is nonetheless voting to subsidize consumers as the switch takes place: Committee Chairman Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, said Congress n Read More

eBay Nation and the Golden Goose

Okay, not long ago I wrote a column noting that eBay was catching up to WalMart as America's largest employer. I guess that was the kiss of death. At least, now I learn that North Dakota may require people... Read More

The Singularity Approacheth?

I, for one, welcome our new robot drivers. And they're well on their way, as the multiple finishers in the DARPA Challenge race demonstrate. Not long ago, robot driving seemed impossible. Now four vehicles "achieved a technological milestone by conquering... Read More

Some 21st Century Ideas on Energy and Employment

With gas prices skyrocketing, people are looking once again at ways to save energy. Unfortunately, while high gas prices bring back memories of the 1970s, the policy solutions that some people are bringing forth seem about as dated as shag... Read More

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