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2005: A Space Odyssey

Okay, we don't have the moon bases that we were supposed to have by 1999. On the other hand, we don't have hostile aliens and lame 1970s haircuts either, so perhaps we can call it even. At any rate, 2005... Read More

Throwing the Book At Video Games

I've written here before about how efforts to ban violent videogames are probably a bad idea. But there's no idea so bad that politicians in Washington won't get behind it, especially if doing so can be characterized as being "for... Read More

Shopping as a Lifestyle

Okay, I've written about shopping here before -- in some ways, as recently as last week, and, if you compare this recent story with this column from 2003, maybe even presciently. I've also written about the way things like eBay... Read More

Learning to Love Sprawl

Everybody knows some things about sprawl: It's a recent, and largely American phenomenon; it encourages wasteful use of resources; it's aesthetically unpleasant; and it benefits the rich at the expense of the poor. We also know that it could be... Read More

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