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Judging Google

So Google is cooperating with the Chinese, and there's been a firestorm of criticism. The Times of London observes: "Until now, Chinese net users who were blocked from accessing a site knew that the information was there and was being... Read More

Alternative Media Taking Off ... Again!

If the past few years have been the Years of the Blogs, this year is shaping up to be the Year of the Podcast, as I sort of predicted last year. Sure, podcasts have been around for a while. (I... Read More

Open Sesame!

Over at the new Cato Unbound, Jaron Lanier has written an essay on open and closed approaches on the Internet. I've actually responded over there with some further thoughts (as has Eric S. Raymond and, by the time you read... Read More

Ready? Or Not?

Is avian flu a threat? Yes. Is it a big or immediate threat? It's hard to say.Right now, there's no evidence of human-to-human transmission; people are dying, but they all seem to have gotten it from birds, though the fast-spreading... Read More

Grey's Anatomy

Are people beginning to take the idea of healthy life extension seriously? I think that they might be. Last year, here at TCS, I interviewed Cambridge University researcher Aubrey de Grey. This year, he was interviewed by Sixty Minutes (You... Read More

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