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FX May Soon Be Short for Faux

I've written columns on news fakery the past two weeks. In response to last week's column, where I talked about video fakery, reader Jim May emails: "In a recent TCS Daily column, you wrote the following: "'So far, video-photoshopping isn't... Read More

21st Century Politics as YouTube Politics

Politicians used to rely on press secretaries to persuade people in the media to print good news about them, and bad stuff about their opponents. They still have press secretaries, but increasingly they're bypassing the middlemen and going directly to... Read More

Don't Trust If They Won't Verify

Once again, fake news is in the news, as it turns out that many moving stories of carnage in Lebanon were not only moving, but, well, fake. This raises major questions about the future of the news business, and offers... Read More

Systems Breakdown

A couple of years ago, I wrote here: I had a worrisome conversation the other day with a former administration official about homeland security. My complaint was that things remain futile and stupid, with airport security checks confiscating tweezers and... Read More

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