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A Pebble's Ripple Effect

Whether or not you believe that we're in the midst of an episode of anthropogenic global warming, it seems to me that burning fossil fuels when there are alternatives is obviously a bad idea. Leaving aside greenhouse gases, burning coal... Read More

Voting Early and Often

Can I call 'em, or can I call 'em? Nearly four years ago, I predicted charges of electoral fraud before the polls had even opened in the 2002 elections. I was right, and such charges have only grown louder as... Read More

Keep Your Grubby Mitts Off My Hard Drive

I'm a big fan of -- as my credit card statements can attest -- and I've watched their gradual entry into the online video world with considerable enthusiasm. If anybody can make that work, I figured, it would be... Read More

The Indy Music Comeback

Independent music is making a comeback. Or, perhaps more accurately, it's taking the next step along a path that looks like bad news for traditional record labels. Some time ago, I mourned the demise of, the original independent-music portal... Read More

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