Articles by Gordon Cucullu

'The Rest' Test for the West

More and more people are asking if the Israeli-Hezbollah war is really a proxy war between the U.S., representing the West, and an Iran-Syria axis representing a devil's handshake between two factions of Islamofascism. The short answer is yes, but... Read More

Profiles in Surrogacy

Ever since Hitler used the civil war in Spain in the mid to late 1930s to test his aircraft, tanks, and blitzkrieg tactics, dictators have looked for surrogates to try out options for aggression. Arguably Josef Stalin used the Korean... Read More

Should We Close Gitmo?

What is happening with Guantanamo? We hear President Bush say in Berlin that he would "like to close Guantanamo," but is "awaiting the Supreme Court to make a decision." What would he do with the detainees? "Put them on trial,"... Read More

Electronic Terrorism

We have been taught from pre-history the importance in wartime of knowing your enemies. The ancient philosopher-warrior Sun Tsu famously said "know yourself; know your enemies. One hundred battles; one hundred victories." The Sage went on to note that failure... Read More

The Original Green Beret

America lost a good one this month. Retired US Army Lieutenant General William Yarborough, 93, passed away. Bill Yarborough was a veteran of three wars: WW II, Korea, and Vietnam. He was a highly decorated paratrooper and is considered by... Read More

The Real Abuse at Guantanamo

After speaking with soldiers, sailors, and civilians who collectively staff the Joint Task Force - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on my recent visit to that base, I left convinced that abuse definitely exists at the detention facilities. But not the slander... Read More

What Would Reagan Do with Today's Terror Threats?

God has more sense than we do. He steers things in ways that we don't always understand. It seems that God must have had a reason to keep Ronald Reagan alive until 2004. Because now, more than at any... Read More

Lessons of a Murder

Last week we witnessed the brutal murder of Nick Berg -- a medieval beheading videotaped and posted to the Internet for the world to see. Meanwhile in Gaza terrorists decapitated a Israeli Defense Force soldier and waved the head... Read More

The Dear Leader and Fear of Flying

It's too bad that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il keeps such a closed society. If he were aware, say, of NFL football, he might realize that Hall of Fame coach and commentator John Madden and he share a... Read More

Eliminating Smoldering Coals

In the Vietnam War, when I first felt the pride of placing a green beret on my head, we in Special Forces had a dual mission: we were fighting an unconventional war in Vietnam and simultaneously training to be... Read More

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