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Culture of Death

"Do you like the Jews, Ayyah?" asks the older sister. "No," replies Ayyah, a young girl of three or four years old. "Why not?" continues the elder. "They're the sons of dogs!" This is a scene from Death in... Read More

The Halliburton Candidate

Note: If you plan on seeing either the original or remake of The Manchurian Candidate you might want to not read this commentary, as it will spoil plot. Call it the Halliburton Candidate. Jonathan Demme's remake of the 1962... Read More

The Peace That Never Was

An awestruck media gave former President Bill Clinton high marks for his speech opening the Democratic National Convention. But missed among the punditry was an opportunity Clinton and other Democratic leaders handed the Bush campaign. By reminiscing upon the... Read More

The Neglected Point of Abu Ghraib

Currently, there is much confusion and dispute about what is and is not abusive treatment. Some activists consider sleep deprivation to be abuse while the Pentagon lawyers do not. Some news anchors consider forced kneeling or even nakedness to... Read More

Date With Destiny

If President Bush is not careful the heightened attacks in Iraq could exploit American politics in the same manner the terrorist attacks in Madrid exploited the Spanish political climate. The Madrid bombers took advantage of a political objective which... Read More

Dictators and Double Standards Redux

The timing of Mohammed ElBaradei's comments could not have been a more apropos reflection of the misguided mindset of his International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), or its parent, the United Nations. Even as the UN nuclear watchdog confirmed that... Read More

An Offensive Suggestion

The debate over troop strength in Iraq isn't going to disappear anytime soon, even though the man most knowledgeable on the subject has repeatedly stated it's a red herring. "The number of troops, boots per square inch, is not... Read More

Wanted: Fewer Troops in Iraq

Citing chaos, Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean told NBC's Tim Russert, "We need more troops in Afghanistan. We need more troops in Iraq now." This issue is a hot topic as coalition soldiers are ambushed almost daily. Besides Dean,... Read More

Apples and Arnetts

Remember Afghanistan? Just one week after the U.S. began fighting the Taliban New York Times reporter R.W. Johnny Apple compared the situation to Vietnam, just as he did during the 1991 Gulf War, and warned of a quagmire to... Read More

Get 'Forrest Gump'

So what are we to make of these Osama bin Laden audiotapes? For more than a year the pundits and experts have spent an enormous amount of time studying every new alleged recording and hypothesizing why bin Laden refuses to... Read More

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