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A Better Way to Increase Access to Prescription Drugs

The new Congress spent much of its first month in office trying to increase patient access to costly prescription medicines. Their proposal would let the government try to bargain down prices paid for drugs by seniors enrolled in Medicare.... Read More

No, Rice Krispies Aren't Bio-Toxic

If you listen to environmental activists these days, you might think that snap, crackle, and pop coming from your Rice Krispies is the sound of impending doom. This week they're trying to scare consumers about bioengineered, or genetically modified, rice.... Read More

Running Away From Safety

Remember Jim Fixx? Not many people do, and that's a shame. Fixx was a jogging guru who ran 60 miles a week. He popularized the sport of running, and his "The Complete Book of Running" became a best seller. Thanks... Read More

Read the Fine Print

Picture yourself in a grocery store. You've heard a little bit about genetically engineered or "GE" food, but you're not quite sure what to make of it all. Safe or not, you want to be able to choose for your... Read More

Europe's Forgotten Promise

Delegates to this week's World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, will have to confront several stark ironies. Their lavish, $50 million soiree will be held in the shadow of 13 million hungry drought victims in the continent's... Read More

Blessed Are the
Poor with Spirit

This year's UN-sponsored World Food Summit just concluded with a grim reminder that the goal of cutting world hunger in half by 2015 set six years ago at the first Food Summit still seems far out of reach. This... Read More

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