Hans H.J. Labohm: November 2002 Archives

This Medieval Rule

In the face of the current economic malaise Europe's stability pact loses friends. Rising public deficits are tempting Europe's Finance Ministers to loosen its public deficit ceiling (3% of GDP). Romano Prodi, the President of the European Commission, recently stat Read More

Sisyphus In Action

Trade is one of the main engines of growth, which allows today's mankind a standard of living that is without precedent in human history. In our era of globalisation, an increasing part of trade is cross-border or foreign trade. Without... Read More

Imperial Backlash

THE HAGUE - In the Third World the hostility against ecoimperialism from the West is growing. This ecoimperialism in practised both by western governments and western NGOs. In international trade negotiations, for instance, western governments urge the developing c Read More

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