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What Is Japan's Potential Military Might?

What is Japan's potential military might? In light of the recent events involving North Korea, this is not an idle question. Japanese re-armament is probably the biggest X-factor in East Asia, and one that has the potential to make a... Read More

Save the Whales!... From Sonar?

On July 7th -- four days after a preliminary injunction was granted halting the use of active sonar -- the US Navy settled a lawsuit filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) seeking to halt sonar training in order... Read More

Military Bloggers of the World Unite!

Military bloggers unite! Well, actually, we did. Last weekend was the 2006 Milblogging Conference held in Washington, DC. For this author, it was the first chance to meet Austin Bay, a TCS contributor and colleague of mine at But... Read More

Criminal Records

In the last two weeks, over 600 documents relating to the war on terror have been released by the United States government. These documents, available at (with very long download times), are notable for what they are revealing. First,... Read More

Better Right Than Never

"I was an early voice saying we shouldn't go in, that it was not connected to the war against international terrorism, that it was not among the highest national security concerns that we should be considering."- James Webb, former Secretary... Read More

An Ally Betrayed

The decision by Dubai Ports World to sell off its North American operations to an American-based company is the culmination of three weeks of scurrilous attacks that led to the betrayal of an ally. This betrayal is going to have... Read More

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