Articles by Helen Szamuely

Policy Vacuum

There is one player missing from the stage. While the "international community" talks long and loud about Israel's "disproportionate" response (now known to have been invented or, at least, exaggerated by the media) and the need for a cease-fire, without... Read More

Pap Europa

It is slightly perplexing but the great panjandrums of the European Union, the promoters of the Project, were genuinely shaken by the two "No" votes last summer. Perplexing, because the European Integration Project has never been envisaged as a popular... Read More

Bored of Elections

This is possibly the dullest British election campaign in anybody's memory. There is hardly any campaigning going on, for one thing. Most people have not caught sight of any of their candidates and three days before the election not all... Read More

Exercise in Futility

One must keep a close watch on developments in the sporting world, particularly on developments in the EU sporting world. This is because sport will become an EU competence under the terms of the European Constitution. Whether that will involve... Read More

Not-So-Free Press

Last month, Hans-Martin Tillack, the former Brussels correspondent of the German magazine Stern, was awarded the Leipzig Prize for the Freedom and the Future of the Media. This was given to Tillack jointly with Seymour M. Hersh, Britta Petersen and... Read More

Growing Pains

Right now we are all talking Turkey but that is not going to last much longer. The preliminary hoopla is over and we are all settling in for a long haul of at least ten, if not 15 years.... Read More

Signed, Sealed, Undelivered

Last week's signing of the EU's constitutional treaty was described as subdued by to some of the media because of the "crisis" caused by José Barroso's retreat from the European Parliament. Possibly, some of the leaders who had gone... Read More

NGO Nonsense

The egregious Christian Aid, which still claims to be a charity, having long ago become an NGO (though, naturally, with charitable status) has launched a new campaign against free trade. In a way that raises questions about the supposed... Read More

Political Football

Football? Have they gone mad? Have they abandoned their high principles and joined the media throng? No, indeed, but there are times when one needs to meditate on the political aspect of many things, including The Beautiful Game. The... Read More

Out to Lunch

Sometimes one reads serious press releases from the European Commission and wonders whether to laugh or cry. Take this one: On May 22 David Byrne, the Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner (a wonderfully Orwellian title), announced that it is... Read More

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