Articles by Henry Cooper

Missile Defense Is an Engineering Challenge, Not Rocket Science

Last Thursday, President George W. Bush made national news by telling the folks in Dallas Center, Iowa, that he plans this week to point out to European leaders and the Russians that if a rogue nation fires a missile... Read More

Cooperation On Building Global Defenses

Last week, President George W. Bush dispatched a high-level delegation to visit capitals around the world to explain his commitment to build effective missile defenses at the earliest possible date. Such defenses are intended to protect not only Americans, but... Read More

No Defense -- and No Excuse

Why did Israel's anti-missile program succeed so much faster than America's? Key technology for building non-nuclear missile defenses was demonstrated 15 years ago. Yet despite spending nearly $60 billion on a variety of missile-defense programs since Ronald Reaga Read More

Why Not Space-Based Missile Defense?

Last week, President George W. Bush explained his plans for one of his key initiatives: building an effective ballistic missile defense at the earliest possible date. It was a fine speech, though missing an important element. He was right... Read More

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