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Julian's Genius

A recent article on auctions in the science journal Nature sparked memories of my interactions with the late Julian Simon, the famed economist at the University of Maryland. David Porter of George Mason University in Virginia found ways to make... Read More

Energetic Eggs in One Basket

Long ago, our mothers and fathers told us not to put all our eggs in one basket. But this is what U.S. electrical utilities have done in the past few years. Now they, and their customers, are paying the price.... Read More

The Ghost of Richard Nixon

Alan Greenspan, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, is not known for clarity. His frequent presentations to congressional committees are so often wrapped in cotton wool that Wall Street usually moves sideways after his speeches -- which may... Read More

Bronx Cheers for Con Ed

Consolidated Edison, the supplier of electricity to New York City, recently announced plans to save electricity. The caps fly in the air, and "Huzzahs!" echo across the land. As with most public announcements by large corporations, things aren't as simple... Read More

Nice Nukes

Twenty-three years after Sweden voted in a referendum to phase out nuclear power as soon as possible, it's still needed. Vast amounts of money will be poured into nuclear reactors to upgrade them. In 1980, the year after Three Mile... Read More

More Equal Than Others

It is difficult to pick up a magazine or check out a website dealing with energy or electricity without finding an uncritical article extolling the merits of renewable energy. But, as George Orwell would have put it if he had... Read More

Toxic Shock Syndrome

Toxicology may sound like the most boring of subjects, but it governs most of the environmental laws and regulations on the books. Thus if it miscalculates, society may spend billions too much to clean up toxic substances. Indeed, it may... Read More

Modern Alchemy

Years ago, on a visit to Prague, now in the Czech Republic, I visited Hradcany Castle. It was like many other European castles, with one difference: it had some rooms devoted to the medieval science of alchemy - transforming one... Read More

The Energy of Stars

There he goes again. Robert Redford, the famed movie star, has criticized what he believes is excessive American energy use. Writing earlier this month in the Los Angeles Times, he says our present policies cause too much dependence on foreign... Read More

'We Know Where You Live' Part II

Students of history may recall Leon Trotsky, the founder of the Russian Red Army. Because of his importance, he had an inconvenient habit of appearing close to Vladimir Lenin in photographs. When Joseph Stalin became dictator of the Soviet Union,... Read More

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