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Veterans' Burning Questions

According to a recent article in the Chicago Sun-Times, "researchers have identified a new malady among veterans of the first Gulf War: burning semen syndrome." Direct exposure to their semen can cause "burning, pain and swelling" in intimate areas.... Read More

Belief, Not Medicine

A new study in the December issue of Contemporary Pediatrics recommends the use of acupuncture to treat children with chronic pain or nausea, claiming to have evaluated the effectiveness of acupuncture for children by examining its use in adults. However,... Read More

Dizzying Diet News

Almost every day brings a new study on the human diet. Most of them contradict each other ("for the last time, does fiber prevent colon cancer or not?!"), leaving readers perplexed about what and how much they should be eating.... Read More

Economists Against Israel

Israel has cost the U.S. around $1.6 trillion since 1973, or more than $5,700 per person (twice the cost of the Vietnam war), according to economist and consultant Thomas Stauffer. Israel is currently pursuing $4 billion in new aid and... Read More

Nuclear, Free!

At 4 A.M. on March 28, 1979, the Three Mile Island (TMI) Unit 2 nuclear power plant malfunctioned. The reactor suffered a partial meltdown, but it could not compare to the one suffered by news media, anti-nuclear activists and public... Read More

Medact Malpractice

Since 9/11 disabled the emotional support upon which many international activists rely, they have had to delve more often into research and data to prop up their causes. When America was busy deposing the Taliban in Afghanistan, Professor Marc Herold... Read More

A Bloody Shame

The American blood supply is in a stranglehold. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Red Cross continue to tighten their rules on who can donate blood. Both aim to ensure blood safety, but seem unable to balance competing... Read More

The Missing Link

Schizophrenia is a frightening mental disease, afflicting more than 25 million Americans. New drugs can treat the problem with fewer side effects than ever before, but recent research has shown these medications to have their own disastrous side-effects, including Read More

America the Tolerant

Mazhar Tabesh, a motel owner in Salt Lake City, saw his business burn down on July 21. Police investigated the incident as a hate crime, but on September 11 the police arrested Tabesh himself on suspicion of setting the fire.... Read More

Diet Doubts

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a massive investigation into a possibly cancerous agent in our food. FDA Deputy Commissioner Lester Crawford announced last week that acrylamide, a chemical recently discovered in certain cooked foods, "is a probl Read More

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