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The Key To Homeland Defense - The States

To Earlier this week I wrote on the subject of the new Office of Homeland Defense for my other web column at WorldNetDaily. ( Everyone in Washington, D.C., agrees that this is a much needed office, but reaction to... Read More

In Terror Aftermath, Put Hubris Aside And Focus On The Obvious

Too many people are trying to hit large notes this week and last, advising the president on how to act when the nation is under attack, designing war strategies for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and drafting diplomatic initiatives for... Read More

No Time for Fake Passions in Fighting Real Tragedy

When Congressman Henry Waxman, D-Calif., declared unqualified support for President Bush and his actions on Tuesday, I knew that the attack on the country had changed Washington in profound ways. Some in the leadership of the elite media, including Maureen... Read More

Meet the West's Multiple Land Use Sheriffs

California and its neighbors to the north are closing in on the status of ward of the federal government. With every new listing of a species as endangered, and with every administrative ruling of the Army Corps of Engineers as... Read More

Cycling Towards Gridlock? Tackling the Traffic Problem California-Style

The lycra people are everywhere in the West, and the inspiring exploits of Lance Armstrong will only increase their numbers, at least on the weekend. Now one county in California is going to bet a lot of money on... Read More

Crawford, Authenticity-Envy, and the Newest Politics of Class

My guest was Bill Sammon, White House reporter for the Washington Times and author of the best-selling book on last year's Florida fiasco, "At Any Cost: How Al Gore Tried to Steal the Election." Most Friday mornings my guests are... Read More

Welcome to unGovernor's Island

"Governor Davis should be here," remarked Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne to Los Angeles Times reporter Julie Cart. "No one state can be an island," Kempthorne continued. "We need to work together." That's a little like a bank teller wanting... Read More

Unseating the unGovernor No Longer Unthinkable

California expected a summer of rolling blackouts, but that threat is fading as temperatures stay low. We are instead awash in conflict-of-interest stories coming from Sacramento. Our unGovernor is avoiding the press for fear of having to answer some of... Read More

Gray Davis' Million-Dollar Consultants 'Invest' for the Future

If you do not know the name Chuck Quackenbush, you can be forgiven. Until June 28, 2000, he was the elected Insurance Commissioner of California. Quackenbush resigned that day, following a series of disclosures concerning his management of claims... Read More

Common Cause Against the Global Administrative State

The Bonn Codicil to the Kyoto Protocol ought to have been a Robert Ludlum title, though Ludlum novels are, on the whole, more plausible than any plot that has industrialized nations hitting their near-term emissions reduction targets. The quick... Read More

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