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As the price of oil and gas rose to 1970s oil crisis levels over the past year, pundits flew out of the woodwork that this represented a permanent change in the way of the world. Now that the price of... Read More

Sewing Discontent

Globalization continues to be a boon to mankind. Economic benefits once reserved to residents of the developed world are spreading rapidly throughout the developing world. Thanks to free trade, companies from rich countries are bringing improvements in health, safe Read More

The Media Adapt

The cover story of the June 5th US News and World Report is about global warming, but the story is not quite the usual doom and gloom (as seen recently, for instance, in the Time cover story, "Be Worried. Be... Read More

Volatile Gases

The European emissions trading scheme (ETS) was launched with great fanfare last year. The idea was to require certain energy-intensive industries to have a permit for each ton of greenhouse gases they emitted. Each industry would be allocated a certain... Read More

Animal Rights, Human Wrongs

Animal rights extremism -- which the FBI has labeled the biggest domestic terrorism threat -- has encountered a number of serious reverses recently. These reverses are a great victory for science, free inquiry and public health. In particular, Americans could... Read More

V is for Read the Book Instead

"People shouldn't fear their governments, governments should fear their people." This line from the movie V for Vendetta seems to have convinced libertarian luminaries like the Ludwig von Mises Institute and Lew Rockwell that it is a libertarian movie. It... Read More

Careful What You Wish For

If you wanted to lower electric energy prices in the US, what would you do? If you answered, "Cripple the domestic railroad industry," you'd be in surprisingly good company. That's precisely what, according to the Wall Street Journal, major electric... Read More

The Kyoto Bubble?

It is one of the hallmark features of a capitalist economy that investors will react to changes in policy and regulation in order to make money out of new opportunities. It is one the great risks of a capitalist economy... Read More

I'm Proud to Be a Coal Miner's Grandson

To hear Senators Byrd and Rockefeller speak, one would think that the coal mining industry in this country is one of the major sources of death in the US. They might be surprised to hear that, while 28 miners died... Read More

Climate Policy Needs a Stern Review

Tony Blair's admission that any international climate change treaty to follow Kyoto is unlikely to be based on the same model is probably the best news this sterile debate has received in a long time. For too long now the... Read More

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