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Drinking Problems

The demon drink has come under sustained attack recently for its corruption of youth. Newly released studies have alleged that drinking is a major social problem among young people and that alcohol manufacturers deliberately target magazines that they know young... Read More

Life or Death Decision?

Abortion is possibly the most contentious issue in American domestic politics. The battle lines are sharply drawn, and both sides are always looking for more ammunition to expend in their cause. Scientific studies are the heavy artillery in this battle,... Read More

The Return of Scientism

When Shahana and Raj Hashmi discovered that their two year-old son, Zain, had the fatal genetic disorder thalassaemia, they applied to the United Kingdom's Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) for permission to create a "designer baby." They would fe Read More

Behind Books, Not Bars

Last week, the Justice Policy Institute released a study that examined how states' spending on corrections and higher education respectively had diverged over the last twenty years. The report particularly highlighted the effect of the relative changes on the male. Read More

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