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Down the Tube

The first elected Mayor of England's capital city, Ken Livingstone, has seen his transportation policy descend into chaos in recent weeks. Londoners regularly rate the ease of getting to and from work as their major concern, and to a large... Read More

Environmentalists for Enron

CERES, the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies, is terribly concerned about corporate governance. Worried by the recent corporate scandals, this coalition of environmental groups and institutional investors has taken a hard look at one of the bigge Read More

Pots and Kettles

"The Administration's political interference with science has led to misleading statements by the President, inaccurate responses to Congress, altered web sites, suppressed agency reports, erroneous international communications, and the gagging of scientists." So Read More

Is the Case for Euthanasia Dying?

A recent issue of the British Medical Journal (July 26) looked at current topics in "end of life" care. In other words, what science is currently telling us about the dying. While there were some non-related observations (including the... Read More

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