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In the Grand Tradition of Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose

Several months ago, if you care (and there isn't any reason you should), I failed to renew my decades-long subscription to Newsweek, after realizing that I wasn't interested in the "lifestyle" features that the magazine was increasingly filled with, and... Read More

Time to Think Outside the Boards

It's gone, now. There will be no 2004-2005 NHL season, and no Stanley Cup champion for the first time since 1919. No miraculous saves to recall, no dramatic overtime goals to revel in or mourn over, no playoff intensity to... Read More

John Forbes Acheson?

"This defensive perimeter runs along the Aleutians to Japan and then goes to the Ryukyus.... from the Ryukyus to the Philippine Islands...So far as the military security of other areas in the Pacific is concerned, it must be clear... Read More

A Bridge Too Far

It was probably never to be, this Quixotic mission of President Bush and Tony Blair and the rest to remake the social and political milieu of the Arab world. Full marks to them for trying; something had to be... Read More

The Bioterror Gap

Chemical munitions are awful, and dirty bombs are scary; but in the end, in actual use, they're not any deadlier than fertilizer bombs or hijacked airliners (which, of course, are more than bad enough.) The only two kinds of... Read More

The Next Threat

While the "News Cycle" focuses its attention on a mid-level functionary's startling revelation that, had only everyone listened to him, this whole terror thing could have been averted (that is, had they listened then to what he's saying now,... Read More

Europe, Lost.

"Britain and France had to choose between war and dishonor. They chose dishonor. They will have war." -- Winston Churchill after the Munich conference, 1938. And so the Spanish have chosen; and so they will have. The lessons of... Read More

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